The design and development of a property is undoubtedly the most complex, risky but potentially most profitable strategy available to a real estate investor, as it includes all activities from planning, design, construction, management and exit strategies be it to sell or hold:

The main types of property that can be developed:

The rapidly evolving global economy and the disruption of the world of retail by the internet and e-commerce constantly create opportunities for investment in projects related to the redevelopment of major commercial areas.

These developments are capable of meeting the growing demand for housing in specific geographical areas suffering from a chronic housing shortage.

The complexity that defines these types of investments requires a strategic and professional approach that ELVinvest is able to provide, identifying investment opportunities in global markets and taking charge of all aspects of the execution of the plan in a professional manner.
The choice of strategy and specific investment plans are a crucial phase, this allows the investment to be bespoke to the requirements of the individual investor and matches their investment goals.

The investment plan once created is tailor made to the investor’s requirements allowing delivery of this to be tracked through the various stages of the development keeping the investor fully informed of the progress of the project to a successful completion.

The target return for this kind of strategy is generally high, however it is necessary to take into account the numerous variables that can have a significant impact on the final result of the project. For this reason, it is a type of strategy that we tend to implement with a limited portion of the assets for investors looking for a more aggressive and profitable investment strategy.

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