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Per un pensionamento sereno

For an early retirement

The sustainability of the universal pension system is notoriously critical and any statistics and/or projections to be taken as a reference confirm the extreme sensitivity of the situation.

The rise in average life expectancy, the collapse of births and the progressive effects of lower employment linked to current technological developments (artificial intelligence and robotics) are just some of the macroeconomic factors that contribute to making this scenario anything but rosy. In addition, in some countries, there is also the dramatic nature of public finances, the loss of competitiveness and the general state of health of the economy, which transform the alarm scenario into a state of emergency, for which thinking about protection becomes an obligation and no longer a choice.

The problem is of universal interest, whether we are still in the middle of our working lives, or whether we have already matured or are about to mature our pension requirements.
The consequences can be dramatic, let us imagine, for example, a scenario in which pension income can be reduced by up to 50% compared to the last salary.
Are you sure that you want to work up to 80 years without being able to ensure your financial independence first or without being able to allow yourself an early exit from the terms imposed by the State?

The consequences can be dramatic, for example, a scenario in which pension income can be reduced by up to 50% compared to the last salary.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”


The ELVinvest proposal in this case is structured in a two-stage plan.

Step 1: Creation of a portfolio aimed at maximising the increase in value over the period of time available to the investor on the basis of his specific situation (age, initial financial situation, family responsibilities, personal objectives, …)

Step 2: Progressive conversion of the created portfolio towards an income generating portfolio
In this way, we are able to profit from the period during which no annuity is needed to maximise the value of the assets, shifting the focus to opportunities that generate a higher income stream when this becomes necessary.

ELVinvest’s global approach in both phases guarantees the maximum effectiveness of the process and its optimization over time because it is not standardized but built according to the specificity of each investor.

ELVinvest also allows access to investment opportunities beyond the reach of the individual investor, thus allowing the optimization of the entire process in its two phases.

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