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For an extra stream of income

The rapid global change and uncertainty in the job market today makes the source of primary income more and more unpredictable. Having access to more than one source of income is a primary indicator of a healthy financial situation.
Being able to count on an additional stream of positive cash flow means:

It is therefore more important than ever to look for sources of supplementary income, with the objective of not only improving today but also guaranteeing a better tomorrow.

The current situation of historically high financial valuations and negative real rates, together with an ever-increasing tax burden, make it almost impossible to achieve a positive income from an investment. In this new context, classic investment choices such as fixed income securities, savings accounts, government bonds or traditional bricks and mortar are no longer allow the desired returns to be achieved. Furthermore, the offer of the classic wealth management industry is notoriously characterised by high costs and conflicts of interest that undermine any hope for a positive return for the investor.

For those investors interested in an additional income stream, we often build a diversified portfolio of properties optimised in its return on capital employed ratio. In this situation, we look for opportunities that favour an immediate return for the investor above the potential capital appreciation of the property in the long term. Compared to traditional bricks and mortar investments, our approach undertakes sophisticated research without geographical boundaries and integrates the information with different operational strategies which are optimised using the most favourable legislative and tax mix.

We believe in the importance of building a partnership, which leads to the achievement of predefined goals through the creation of a shared, clear and modularised investment plan.
We always start from our client’s specific situation in order to outline a personalised plan which defines how and within what timeframe the desired objectives can be achieved.

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